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The Fredericton Nissan Team

Geoff Daugharty

Geoff Daugharty | Sales Manager

Geoff is a long standing member of the Fredericton Nissan team! He has been with us for 20+ years. Geoff began his career from the back of the shop, all the way to Sales Manager.

His friendly demeanor, knowledge and caring attitude towards customers and colleagues is a great asset for Fredericton Nissan.

When away from the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

Phone: 506.458.9423 • Email:

Ryan Lehr

Ryan Lehr | Sales Manager

Ryan is originally from Nova Scotia but proudly calls Fredericton home today. He landed in Fredericton to study and play hockey at St. Thomas University. Then moved on to play professional hockey in Texas where he decided to move back to Fredericton to start life and career where he has held various management and leadership positions.

Since landing back in Fredericton, Ryan has found a passion for meeting new people and working with other community organizations to enhance the quality and growth of the local economy and its members.

Ryan still enjoys playing hockey, sports and loves the outdoors.

Phone: 506.458.9423 • Email:

Ben Teasdale

Ben Teasdale | Finance Manager

Phone: 506.458.9423 • Email:

Colin Storey

Colin Storey | Service Manager

Colin has been head of our service department for north of 30 years. It is because of his customer relationship skills and team leadership that Fredericton Nissan has the reputation of "The best service in town" which comes from customer testimonials.

Colin has been a part of our team since the Datsun days! When away from the office and providing you, our customers the service you deserve, he enjoys sepnding time with his family at his beautiful camp.


Phone: 506.458.9423 • Email:

Keith Hanson

Keith Hanson | Parts Manager

Keith has been a leader in our parts department since 1986! A true leader for over 30 years. In the age of computers and the online world, it seems to not be needed when asking for great advice! He continously has the part numbers and prices memorized to provide the most prompt, efficient service in the industry. Keith is our go to guy for all things parts and enables our entire team to be better due to his work ethic and skills. He even has his own bed on nights when inventory needs to be done!

When away from the office Keith loves to spend time with his family, work on projects and keep his garage cleaner than anything weve ever seen!


Phone: 506.458.9423 • Email:

Heith Larsen

Heith Larsen | Sales Consultant

Heith has been a valued part of our team for over 5 years. Being our top Sales Consultant, we have fun trying to take his belt away from him, which he works hard to hold on to! Even though he holds the belt, he is always ready, willing and actively helps all other team members for us to be better as a team.

Heith has years of experience in the mechanical field, which allows his customers to trust and value his opinion when providing them amazing service.

Away from the office Heith enjoys hunting, many projects and spending time with his family at his camp.

Make sure to say hello as he drives by in his "Bad Pony" race car on the way from Millville where he calls home.

Phone: 506.458.9423 • Email:

Dunu  Eliaba

Dunu Eliaba | Sales Consultant

Originally from the beautiful country of New Zealand! Dunu can be heard from a mile away with his infectious laugh and charisma. Dunu has an amazing energy and passion for helping his customers anyway that he can.

Dunu loves to spend time with his family and mates. Coming from a sports background, he spends a lot of time playing as well as volunteering much of his time in sports such as Cricket, Basketball, Hockey and Rugby.

Phone: 506.458.9423 • Email:

Billy Dealy

Billy Dealy | Sales Consultant

Growing up in Miramichi, Billy had a knack for social interaction. Whether it was on a baseball diamond or in a hockey arena. He always found a common ground to connect with an individual no matter the situation.  This trait made moving to Fredericton to attend St.Thomas University an easy decision. St.Thomas allowed Billy's interpersonal skills to flourish into completing his degree. His passion for Fredericton, family and friends within the city led him to 12 years of sales and management experience.  You can often find Billy in several spots in the community outside of work, sharing laughs with friends at the ball diamond and hockey rink.

Billy is excited to become a member of Fredericton Nissan and looks forward to helping you with your next vehicle experience!

Phone: 506.458.9423 • Email:

Adam MacBeth

Adam MacBeth | Sales Consultant

Phone: 506.458.9423 • Email:

Samantha Wheeler

Samantha Wheeler | Sales Consultant

Sam grew up in Moncton watching and learning from her parents as they grew into well known and trusted business owners. She moved to Fredericton to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration and fell in love with everything Fredericton has to offer. Sam was very involved in her faculty at UNB and even won an award for being a friendly and positive impact to the faculty. She is excited to bring that same energy and warmth to Fredericton Nissan to provide great service.

Sam loves to be active oudoors, spending the warmer months kayaking, and being with friends. She is often described as a social butterfly and rarely passes up the opportunity to help those around her!

Phone: 506.458.9423 • Email:

Darren Munn

Darren Munn | Dealership Liason

Darren has been a valued part of Fredericton Nissan since we were called Hillside Nissan! Darren is coined one of our go to guys as he does so much for our team! He is known by all customers as he often braves all weather conditions to get our valued customers to and from their work, appointments and where ever the need to get to!

Darren can do it all, often helping wherever needed! Especially being the life of conversation in the break room!

Phone: 506.458.9423

Nadine Smith

Nadine Smith | Accountant

Nadine has been pulling the strings behind the scene for the past 32 years! Since 1986.

She works tirelessly to keep the books in line and makes sure the business is running smoothe.

We appreciate all the work Nadine does for the whole organization on a daily basis which will inevitably move our team forward to bigger and better things.

Away from the office Nadine enjoys spending time with her family and friends at the Mactaquac campground.

Phone: 506.458.9423 • Email:

Ted Gaudet

Ted Gaudet | Parts Advisor

Ted has been a vital part of our team for the last 6 years. His knowledge of our inventory and customers allows for us to all be better as a team.

Known in the community for his great work in the hockey world as a volunteer and referee, he takes great pride in the forward movement of minor and adult hockey in Fredericton.

Away from the office you can catch Ted cruising by on his motorcycle so be sure to give him a wave! (even if you don't own one)

Phone: 506.458.9423

Chris Keats

Chris Keats | Service Advisor

Chris started out with us here at Fredericton Nissan as a Warranty Administrator. Over the past 9 years Chris has worked himself up to a valued part of our Service team eventually landing as a Service Advisor.

Chris spent his high school years in Newfoundland with his family then eventually landing in Fredericton.

His caring demeanour, work ethic and character shows in his ability to work with our valued customers.

For any warranty questions or have any questions regarding service call Chris today.

Phone: 506.458.9423

Greg Edmondson

Greg Edmondson | Certified Nissan Technician

Greg has been a master technician with Fredericton Nissan since 1987. Greg has literally seen it all and has fixed it all.

His experience is an invaluable asset to our team from front to back. What Greg doesn't give you in his words, he definitely delivers in his execution in his work.

Fredericton Nissan has been his home away from home for many years, but outside of here he enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors and four wheeling to his camp.

Phone: 506.458.9423

Mike Grant

Mike Grant | Certified Nissan Technician

Mike has been a part of our team since 1988. Experience, character and a friendly demeanour sums up Mike.

Given Mikes great skill set and experience it is very rare that any 'rattle' and 'squeak' goes unsolved in the care of his service bay. His intuition and knowledge makes him a valued part of our team and allows for others to learn.

Mike enjoys building building and renovating both his house and camp as well as catching the rays with his wife by the pool. There is no better tan out there!


Phone: 506.458.9423

Jesse  Woods

Jesse Woods | Certified Nissan Technician

Jesse has been a part of the Fredericton Nissan team for the past 5 years. He will be completing his last block in January of 2018 to become a certified mechanic.

Jesse has solidified himself as the future of our service shop. Proving on a daily basis his willingness to find solutions, be a professional in his field and being a great team member.

Jesse enjoys working on and racing his Saturn race car in his free time. He recently beat his personal best!

Phone: 506.458.9423

Dwayne Spires

Dwayne Spires | Certified Nissan Technician

Dwayne joined the Fredericton Nissan team 2 years ago.

He brings a wealth of knowledge with him on various types of mechanical issues especially diesel engines. This knowledge and expertise is evident due to his great work, attitude and work ethic.

Being a certified mechanic for 7 years, we are very happy to have Dwayne as a part of our team.


Phone: 506.458.9423

Corey  Webb

Corey Webb | Certified Nissan Technician

Phone: 506.458.9423

Wesley Kitchen

Wesley Kitchen | Apprentice Nissan Technician

Phone: 506.458.9423

Scott Allen

Scott Allen | Professional Detailer

Scott has been part of our organization for 21 years. He is our professional detailer and jack of all trades. When something needs to be done, we know we can count on Scott to get it done. His attention to detail is unmatched in our industry, we value his hard work, character and amazing attitude.

Away from the office Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters at their home away from home on the lake.


Phone: 506.458.9423

Clarence  Ivany

Clarence Ivany | Professional Detailer

Phone: 506.458.9423